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IC-7600 improvements, aids, software, etc.
IC-7600 recorder, VCR - Rx signal also sending
IC-7600 with small keyboard for PSK and RTTY

IC-7000 improvements, fan, help, software etc.
IC-7000 Video, Composite, AVI, help, software etc..
IC-7000 recorder, VCR - Rx signal also sending
IC-7000 Infos with I Phone Headset

IC-706 ..., improvements, helps software etc.

Desk mic, with electret, gooseneck, preamp, Roger beep
Roger Piep, Morse "T", one tone, on a module
QRM - RF notch filter from 160m -6m
100 W antenna tuner for 160m -10m, with toroidal core
Improved tuning aid for ICOM, as a plug
CW button cable for several TxRx - without switch
Station speaker with many advantages
RF irradiation, restrict RF-feedback
Mic improvements, info eg for HM-151

PC 30 SW 13,8V DC power supply - Improvements
YAESU PA - FL 2100 B
YAESU PA - FL 2100 Z with circuit and tips
PA improvements by PAoFRI
SWR and Wattmeter LEADER LPM 885 - 1kW
SWR and Wattmeter RS 400/600
SWR and Wattmeter Daiwa CN-520, 2kw
Wire for KW antennas

2m converter 144/28 MHz for IC-7600 or similar
2m 12Elm. Lang-Yagi, photos, data, descriptions
HB 9 CV antenna, for 2m, 6m, 10m u. ANJO
2m BEKO PA HLV-1000, information and photos
2m 400W PA NAG 144 XL info and photos
2m 400W PA NAG 144 XL Manual, Circuit ...
Server power supply 12V, 47 A HP, DPS-600, ESP135
Coaxial relay WISI HR 09, HR 07- for high RF power

Detecting very small signals better, SpectrumLab
QTH locator, smart place, find exactly
Easily find your QTH locator with Googlemap
To interesting and helpful WEB - Pages / Links
DX cluster KW, 2m, 6m, 70cm, DX prediction
Beacon card, list and info for 6 m to 1.2 cm
Where is the ISS (International Space Station)?
Tips and help for your stationn
Logbook for the station, transparent, light, simple, Log4OM
The proven and complete QSO! Mind
RBN - how loud is your signal ?

Contact to DJ 6 CA
Start of Amateur Radio DJ 6 CA
QRV on 2m EME favorite QRG 144.125 in JT 65 B

2m amplifier with LDMOS, BEKO HLV-1000, infos, photos

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